04 July 2010

We apologise for this break in transmission

As many of you have commented, the pace of of new posts has slowed to a crawl. The most recent posts are well over a month behind - I'm writing this from a garden in Katherine, NT, on power I'm stealing from a nearby caravan site. It's the first internet access I've had in 5 days and 2000km.

Writing about what I'm doing and reading your comments is a major part of this trip for me. It helps me make sense of this little mission and keep my motivation up. It gives me a huge thrill when you tell me you've enjoyed my latest post!

The reality of my travel - right now, at least - is that I spend the bulk of my time simply covering ground and trying not to die. When I'm not riding, refuelling or resting, I'm talking to people and trying to plan my next move. Two hours of every day is chewed up simply by making and breaking camp. Maybe I really suck at camping.

Anyway, the point of this whine is that when I do have time to write, I usually don't have A) power, B) internet, C) a functioning nervous system or D) all of the above. The best I can do is take notes every day (and I'm doing really well with that), for fleshing out into diary entries later. Then I sort of pass out.

Dear readers, if there are any of you left, I WILL continue to write this blog until its natural conclusion. Even if I have to write half the story from home when I'm done, I'll do it.

That is a promise.

What I can't guarantee is the quality or frequency of my updates until I get to somewhere around Perth, which is a bleeding long way away. I'll do as much as I can. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this :-)

Lots of love,

Timmy P

PS You can find out where I am at any time by clicking the "Find Me" link in the top right-hand corner.

PPS Please find attached some photos of stuff you haven't read about yet.

Riding out west with Johnny.

A very special visitor.

Friendly locals.

Wide open spaces.

Friends (and relatives) for life.


  1. dude put the shirt back on the glare is killing me hahahaha had a great time while you were here cuz safe journey


  2. We're only impatient cos the blog's so good!

    I'm loving it.

  3. Sorry Luke, I should have put a warning at the start of the post that it may contain traces of albino nipple. I hope your eyes are ok now.

    Fiona, how's the pizza oven going? I heard you have been sharing some with LT!

  4. Quick get me some sunscreen for my eyes!
    they burn so bad!!! :-)
    ride on and blog on buddy boy!!

  5. Not one of our best efforts but a taster for LT. Also did a roast as it cooled down and some yummy bread! I'm loving it.

    But how long can you wait until you try the pizzas?